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Annalisa is interpreting a classing dancer by the famous painter Edgar Degas
Diana, Italy
Sebastiano del Piombo Portrait of a man, ca. 1512-1514 The most handsome guy in Budapest ! Szépművészeti Múzeum I miss you .........
Tünde, Hungary
Banksy - The Flower Thrower - 2005 I miss street art...
Raul, Hungary
Contemporary art
Johannes Vermeer The Astronomer, 1668 I study Aerospace Engineering, so posing as 17th century astronomer seemed like the perfect role for me. We had a lot of fun choosing the props from my collection of Astronomy books and artifacts!
Nathaniel, Hungary
Grant Wood American Gothic, 1930 Well...let's just call this : Hungarian Gothic
Nathaniel, Hungary
Modern art
Albrecht Dürer The Young Hare, 1502 We admire the drawings of Dürer and thought it would be fun to show our beloved pet Dezső as Dürer's Young hare.
Tünde, Hungary
Jan van Eyck Arnolfini Portrait, 1432 Our favorite! Just check out our "dog" and "slippers"
Nathaniel, Hungary
Medieval art